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Variation and Personal Evolution – Working in SAP for Accenture

​Today’s blog comes from a candidate we placed at Accenture as a Technical Architecture Team Lead. He joined Accenture and has worked for the multinational consultancy for just over a year. In today’s blog he talks us through his life at Accenture, the first year and what it takes to be successful as an SAP specialist.

So, what is it you do at Accenture and do you enjoy it?

I am an architecture delivery specialist and in that role I have a very varied position that allows me to work across multiple projects in the Tech Team. I manage the security of the users that connect to SAP, which includes managing users on to the system, ensuring correct access across Accenture. But I also work on projects with companies that work with Accenture and the implementation of SAP products into their workplaces too. It is a great role because it enables me to work with a variety of different teams and departments within Accenture and our clients.

In my previous roles at past companies my experience had mainly focused on application maintenance, ticketing management, roll-outs, etc. But at Accenture I have been able to be involved in much more variety. In one of the projects I have had in the last 12 months I have been involved in supporting a customer in the implementation of SAP, so that has meant getting involved at a very early stage in the development, including design of the systems, logistics, etc, and seeing the project through to completion with the customer. That gives you a great sense of satisfaction to be involved in a project like that. When I joined Accenture I wanted a position that offered 360 degrees visibility and experience of all elements of SAP and development and that is certainly what I have got.

How has the first year been working at Accenture?

It has flown by so quickly! Much of that is due to the variety of projects and work that I am focused on. Accenture has a culture of hard work and job satisfaction, leading to an overall great experience. The team I work in is a high performing team and that all adds to the value we have. We are all proud to work at Accenture and that means that we all work together to deliver the right results.

What were the key elements of working for Accenture that attracted you, as well as the variety you mention?

The variety was certainly an important part of it, but so too was the brand of Accenture as well. It is a great experience working at a company like Accenture because you can see how a big company works but also you feel a personal sense of pride in working for a big brand too. You get visibility on a lot of projects from across the globe, in multiple sectors and with many different types of businesses that choose to work with Accenture and that is really exciting. It gives you great experience and an opportunity to grow. The possibility of your job staying the same is impossible and it is impossible to be bored! There are so many projects and so much opportunity to improve my own knowledge

And what does it take to have a successful career working in SAP but specifically, at Accenture?

From an SAP perspective you have to always keep learning. You can specialise in many different areas for SAP – like functional work/business work flow for example, or programming – which is why getting yourself in to a company where you can have so much variety is important because you can learn so much and if you find a company that is big enough and gives you enough opportunity to develop as a specialist in an area or across multiple areas, you should take advantage of the opportunity as I did at Accenture. To be successful at Accenture you have to be driven, constantly looking at the new technologies that are evolving and be ready to adapt, which keeps you learning and as I mentioned ensures you are never bored!