Life at Accenture - My First 18 Months

​Today’s blog comes courtesy of Valentina Caldara, who is an SAP Consultant currently at Accenture. Valentina has been a SAP specialist for over five years and joined Accenture following a successful spell at IT Consultancy business MEA s.r.l. She spoke to Michele from M Cubed about her experiences in the industry but specifically, what her first year was like upon joining Accenture and how she has developed.

Thanks for your time today Valentina. So, how long have you worked at Accenture, and what is your specific job function?

I’ve been at Accenture since February 2017 and the first year and a half (nearly!) has been a great experience for me. I work as an SAP Consultant on a specific project – focused on FMS, which I joined at the beginning, which was amazing for me because I got to experience the business process design phase. I work in a team of four to five people, depending on which specifics we require, then we are also part of a bigger team of 25. The ability to ‘flex’ our resource is one of the great benefits of Accenture, but I’ll come to that later, I’m sure!

The team I work on focus on the detailed design and development of the project I am working on and I really enjoy it because finding FMS projects – particularly which allow you to join at the start of the design phase – is quite rare and so for me it is exciting projects like this that is one of the key attractions to joining Accenture.

I like the ability to be able to ‘make my mark’ on a project.

That sounds brilliant and seems like you’re really getting job satisfaction from this initial project. Is there anything else that attracted you towards Accenture?

Certainly the organisation itself and the brand of the organisation played a part, but for me it is that opportunity to work on lots of different projects that is key. At Accenture, because of the breadth of the projects, you get that variety when working here.

I liked working at my previous company but it was a smaller business and quite often I would find that my role was not really defined in terms of responsibilities and action area, while at Accenture gave me the opportunity to work in a structured and organised team where each component has its own role. I also like working in teams whereas in my previous business you could sometimes find yourself working in isolation.

It sounds like that team dynamic and ability to lean on other people within your team or Accenture in general is important. How have you found the buddy/counselling system in place at Accenture?

Yes, that mentoring system has been great for me, which I’ve used a few times to talk about my career development, how I am growing, etc. On a day-to-day level we have our team who can share ideas and challenges, but it is good to have that ability to have a counsellor within Accenture that can help you think about your own future. I usually meet my counsellor once or twice a year but they are available at any time for advice, which has been a lot of help.

In your opinion what do you think it takes for somebody to be a success at Accenture?

I think it is obvious to say that you need to be a hard worker and when you are working with clients on delivering a project you always need to ensure that you are hitting the deadlines that are set. And with that comes flexibility because there will be times when you need to really push as a team, but I think that brings the best out of people, as well as helping to create a closer team spirit amongst colleagues.

What advice would you give to somebody who wanted to join Accenture?

To be able to work harmoniously in a team is really important and to be an effective communicator is really important too because you are working with external stakeholders like clients, as well as internal colleagues, other teams, etc. I am quite a functional person too and what I love about the job is the interaction with the clients, so what I would say is that your ability to really know your subject matter is so very important because your clients will ask you lots of questions so to be able to respond as an authority on a subject matter is important.

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